Dr. Martino at Willimantic’s 3rd Thursday Street Fest – July 2022

Last Thursday, we had the pleasure of bringing our music to Main Street, Willimantic for 3rd Thursday Street Festival. Since moving to town in 2013, we’ve had the pleasure of performing at 3rd Thursday 3 times (2014, 2017, 2022). Willimantic has always made us feel welcome and supported the band, from shows at Willimantic Records or Shaboo Stage, and other pop-ups all over town like Lauter Park, 560 on Main, Willistock at ECSU, and numerous others. Not to mention that we’ve practiced in our apartment on Oak Street since 2013 and no one has ever taken any issue with it! Our friend Chris Trahiotis was kind enough to come out and take some pictures of the set!

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One of our biggest fan, Riley
Handsome drummer Mike
Music under the street light
Sim for the People
Streetside view
Sim and ASAT Special
Amy’s rock face
Amy and the Thunderbird
Dr. Martino in Romantic Willimantic